PLNU Traditions

Let us introduce you to some fun long-standing traditions!

Sand Tradition
At NSO, all incoming students gather for a morning service in the Greek and one by one pick up a handful of sand and drop it into a tank. Throughout the year, this tank is displayed in Nicholson Commons. The sand is a symbol of students coming from different backgrounds and becoming one community. When you graduate, you will receive sand back from the tank, now mixed together with sand from your fellow students.

Homecoming week is a highlight of the fall semester and includes the powder-puff football game, Variety Show and Coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen, and Homecoming basketball game and spirit bell competition. You will have a chance to meet alumni and take part in some important Point Loma traditions.

Sea Lion Mascot
The legend of the Sea Lion is a special part of the PLNU experience. Riding in on the crest of a wave, the lion represents strength and leadership. The Sea Lion mascot, Roary, can be found rallying energy and school spirit at athletic events.