Courtesy Escorts

The Department of Public Safety provides escorts for people who are incapable or who would not easily be able to make it from one point on campus to another. Such people include the sick, injured and disabled. During the evening hours, students visiting other dorms or who have parked on opposite ends of the campus may call Public Safety for an escort back to their residence hall.  For after hours escorts from points on campus to residence halls, please contact Public Safety on the non-emergency line at 619-849-2546.

Shuttle Services

All On/Off campus shuttles, including the accessibility shuttles for individuals with special needs and the airport and train station shuttle, are operated by Campus Facilities' Transportation Department. Please see their webpage for more information.  An off-campus shuttle service is provided for freshmen and other students. The shuttle times and services are available by contacting the Shuttle Info Line at 619-849-7588.

Battery Jumpstarts & Vehicle Unlocks

Public Safety provides jumpstarts for motorists with a disabled battery and may be able to assist motorists who are locked out of a vehicle.  Please call the non-emergency line at 619-849-2546 to request a jumpstart or vehicle unlock.  By making such a request, the requestor releases Public Safety and Point Loma Nazarene University from liability for any and all damages that may result from the rendering of service.  A signed waiver to that effect may be required prior to the service being provided.

Special Events & Parking Reservations

Public Safety is available to provide building unlocks, reserved parking, traffic control, and security for certain approved university events. Requests may be submitted here (You'll need to be logged in to your PLNU email account).

Bike Registration

Free bike registration is offered to all PLNU students, staff and faculty who have bikes on campus.  While registering a bike can't prevent theft, it can aid highly in the identification of your bike if and when it is recovered.  Registering your bike ensures that you will be able to prove ownership.  To help prevent theft, Public Safety recommends using a high-quality U-Lock type locking mechanism.  These locks are much more reliable than ordinary cable locks, which can easily be cut.  Bicycles left on campus over the summer session are subject to removal at the request of Residential Life.  Removed bikes will be donated to a local charity.

Bike registration can be done online for free and registration stickers must be picked up at Public Safety during business hours.  Registration may be submitted here (You'll need to be logged into your PLNU email account).