Parking & Driving

General Information

All vehicles must display a valid PLNU permit or parking pass at all times. The University Vehicle Code contains all rules and regulations concerning motor vehicles on campus. Available parking is shown on the campus Parking Guide.

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty, staff, and students must register their vehicles with the Department of Public Safety online at plnu.thepermitstore.comCitations may also be paid or appealed online. See additional information on registering your vehicle and the Freshman Vehicle Policy. 


Parking Passes and Locations - Parking regulations require all campus visitors to stop at the Welcome Center at the Lomaland Drive entrance for a one-day visitor parking permit . The parking permit is to be clearly displayed on the driver's side of the vehicle dashboard. Parking is permitted in any marked space with a valid PLNU visitor's pass. Parking for disabled persons requires a valid, state-issued disabled vehicle license plate or placard clearly displayed on the vehicle. Vehicles parked in red zones or fire lanes are subject to citation and impound.

Bus Access - All Buses are to check in at the campus Welcome Center for directions for loading and unloading. Designated campus areas to turn buses around will be given to the bus driver; during the regular school year with full campus occupancy, buses must depart campus after unloading and return to retrieve passengers. All directions for bus loading, unloading and staging off campus will be provided at the campus Welcome Center.

Coastal Viewing Access - Coastal viewing and community access is permitted from the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University for the Sunset Cliffs Park parking lot (aka the City Lot). The City Lot is located on Lomaland Drive across from the Campus Facilities building.  This lot is maintained and enforced by the City of San Diego. Parking is prohibited in this lot between the hours of 10pm and 4am and during the daytime there is a 4-hour limit on parking. Any vehicles parked near residence halls for the purpose of coastal access and/or surfing may be towed regardless of possession of parking pass.