Student Care Group

Living Together, Praying Together, Caring Together

The mission of the Point Loma Nazarene University Student Care Group is to promote the safety and well-being of the PLNU community.  The team provides an institutional framework for information sharing and development of support plans for students of concern and serves as the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT).




The purpose of this group is to identify, as early as possible, students who are at risk for prematurely terminating their studies at PLNU. The group, composed of Student Development professionals, develops a personalized intervention for each student brought to its attention.  


If you are concerned about a student, you may bring the student to the attention of the group's chairperson,Dr. Jeffrey Carr, via the use of campus e-mail (  


When considering a referral, please consider the following suggested referral criteria:  


A) Student is experiencing a significant disruption/crisis in a single major area of functioning (academic, social, spiritual, physical, or emotional)  




B) Student is experiencing multiple disruptions which appear to significantly impair the student's functioning