How much does it cost to be seen in the Wellness Center for medical or counseling services? 

Wellness Center services are available at no cost to all registered undergraduate PLNU students.   There may be a cost for medications, injections, physicals or laboratory tests.  When costs are involved those charges are billed to your student account.

Do I need to have the PLNU Student Health Insurance to use the Wellness Center?

No.  Any undergraduate student may utilize the Wellness Center's services.

Can I get medicines? 

The Nurse Practitioners are trained to assess many different medical conditions. When indicated, they will dispense the appropriate medications. Over the counter medicines are also available at no cost.  The nursing staff will assist you to get the appropriate medication

 What does it cost to see the nurse practitioner?

There is no charge to be seen in the Wellness Center.

Does the nurse give physicals?

The Nurse Practitioner will do well-physicals for nursing students, for students that are applying to work in the Early Childhood Learning Center, and study abroad physicals. More involved physicals need to be arranged with private physicians.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Health services are offered on a walk-in basis.  Appointments can also be made at the time of your visit or over the phone.   Appointments can also be made for counseling or to see our consulting physician. 

What do I do if the nurse is not here?

If you have an emergency situation contact Public Safety (619.849.2525) and call 911. Referral lists are available for information on community resources for non-emergencies and local Urgent Care facilities.

Does counseling cost money?

Brief counseling (6-8 visits) is provided at no cost to registered undergraduate Point Loma Nazarene University students. Our staff will assist you to access referrals at the time of your visit. 

See our Immunization FAQ and Health Information FAQ for additional information!