All undergraduate students are required to have health and injury insurance coverage (Graduate students may contact the PLNU Business Office for information regarding health insurance).  For your convenience, a PLNU student health insurance policy is automatically billed to all student accounts each semester.  Students must make a selection to keep OR decline the PLNU health insurance prior to the start of the semester in order to reduce delays in housing and class registration processes.  This must be completed on the student portal. 

Should you decide to decline the PLNU Health Insurance, you must decline the policy electronically and submit proof of private health insurance before the start of classes by updating your insurance information on your student portal.  Refunds for declining the PLNU insurance are not available after the 2nd week of classes.

To select or waive insurance coverage: 

  1. Logon to the student portal  ( 
  2. Under the Student Financial Services page, make your selection to waive or not waive the PLNU Insurance. 
  3. If you waive the PLNU Health Insurance, you are indicating that you will keep your private health insurance carrier and that you will provide policy information online.
  4. Copies of your private health insurance card must be uploaded on your PLNU student portal (not the patient portal).   
  5. Refunds for waiving the PLNU Health Insurance are not available after the start of the semester! 


PLNU Insurance Cards, claim forms, brochures and other related resources for the current semester/year are available at

You can find your closest provider by searching the California Foundation for Medical Care databases.  

While it is the student's responsibility to follow up with completion of claim forms, Wellness Center staff can provide assistance as needed.  Please contact our office for help (619.849.2574).