Frequently Asked Questions


How do units/credits effect my cohort and where I can live?

Housing is based on “cohort”, which means, if you enter PLNU with 40 units and you just graduated high school that summer, you are still considered a freshman and will continue to be housed with that group of people throughout your time at Point Loma.  When you change half way through the year to junior status in units, you will not be housed with juniors and seniors the follow year, you will be housed with the friends you entered PLNU with.  In essence we house based on graduation date from high school. 

I’m a sophomore; can I live with a senior?

No.  We house by cohort.  Sophomores can live with other sophomores or juniors.  Juniors can live with sophomores, other juniors or seniors.  Seniors can live with other seniors or juniors.

What if I’m studying abroad?

If you are studying abroad in the fall, fill out the application and there is a place on the application to indicate that you are studying abroad.  Once verified, you will be coded for studying abroad.  In October or November you will receive an email from the housing office giving you instructions to fill out an application for Spring housing.  At that time, you will indicate your preference of residence hall and roommate.


What if I don’t have a roommate?

All students who don’t have a roommate when the application closes will be assigned a room selection time and will select an available room at that time.  When selecting a room, students will be able to see who has selected the other bed in that room.   Please feel free to check out your admissions Facebook page to search for roommates.


What if I already have a place to live off campus?

Leases, rental agreements, or other off campus housing commitments must not be made until official approval from the PLNU housing office is received via your PLNU email account. We will be emailing approved individuals on a rolling notification from April through July based on need and in random order. 


What if my roommate is studying abroad in the fall?

We cannot hold the spot in your room for your roommate that is studying abroad in the fall. You will need to select a roommate who will be here in the fall. Best case scenario would be for you to find someone who is planning on studying abroad in the spring. This way, when your fall roommate leaves to study abroad, your friend who is returning from studying abroad can take the empty spot in your room.

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