PLNU Mission Statement

Point Loma Nazarene University exists to provide higher education in a vital Christian community where minds are engaged and challenged, character is modeled and formed, and service is an expression of faith. Being of Wesleyan heritage, we strive to be a learning community where grace is foundational, truth is pursued, and holiness is a way of life.

Student Development Mission Statement

Student Development at PLNU champions the holistic, God-inspired potential of each student by facilitating multiple engagement opportunities to learn, grow and serve.

ResLife Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Residential Life at PLNU is to collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to develop a Christ centered living, learning experience.


ResLife Core Values

Vital Christian Community.   We believe that the PLNU residence halls are an important place where we encounter the challenging and rewarding aspects of living in a Christian community.

Learning.  As part of the PLNU experience, our priority on learning is based on the belief and understanding that living in the residence hall creates opportunities for holistic development.  Through programming as well as the experience of community living, we are engaged and challenged on a daily basis. 

Training and Development.  Our commitment to training and development is based on a pedagogy that utilizes best practices in higher education, established PLNU policy and procedure, the emerging experiences of all participants, as well as wisdom and insight from our Christian community.  

Collaboration.  We regularly look for opportunities to collaborate strategically and effectively with all members of the PLNU community. 


 ResLife Compass

Res Life Compass

ResLife Learning Outcomes

PLNU Reslife utilizes an intentional process of assessment that measures the impact our work has on student learning and provides direction within our purpose. From this process, we’ve created three learning outcomes (LOs) for PLNU residential students. We desire to see students grow and learn in these areas through their residential experience.


Residential Life Learning Outcomes: Student Body 

  • PLNU’s residential students will identify Res Life staff as a resource to campus services.
  • PLNU’s residential students will develop authentic, caring relationships in varied contexts.
  • PLNU’s residential students will identify the benefits of living in campus housing.


RD Priorities

  • Significant commitment to a growing relationship with Christ.
  • An understanding and support of the mission, values and spirit of Christian higher education, specifically at PLNU. 
  • An understanding and support of the basic tenants of Wesleyan theology and the Church of the Nazarene.
  • Experience with and passion for mentoring college students
  • Completed or in process on a Master’s degree in Student Affairs or a related field
  • Strong administrative skills and experience
  • A flexible, adaptive and positive attitude
  • A commitment to professional development
  • A willingness to work in the context of a team
  • Comfortable and skilled in the context of confrontation, accountability and discipline
  • An understanding and excitement about the non-traditional nature of the work and work schedule of the Resident Director
  • Ability to self motivate
  • Strong fiscal skills and experience
  • Willingness and strong desire to work collaboratively within the department of Residential Life and across the PLNU campus