ASB Office of School Spirit is hiring positions for 2014-2015
Fill out an application by Monday, April 21st (End of Easter Break). Fill out the application here!
For more information the position, see sections 4,5, and 7 of the Office of School Spirit Handbook.

ASB Staff: Apply to assist one of the following elected positions: President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary, Spiritual Life, ASB Bookkeeper, or ASB Accountant. Download the application here: ASB_Staff_Assistant_Application_2014.docx  and e-mail the finished application to the position listed on the application. 

Media Board Staff: Apply for one of five head media positions: yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine, tv station, and radion! Students who are selected receive a generous stipend and scholarship package and will experience hands-on learning! Download the application hereMedia_Board_Leadership_Application_2014.docx and e-mail the finished application to




The Associated Study Body (ASB) is a student government structure that consists of the ASB Board of Directors, Student Senate, and Board of Review. The purpose of the Associated Student Body as outlined in its Constitution is: To provide for meaningful student-sponsored educational, social, cultural, religious, and service opportunities for member students while fostering constructive communications and interaction between members of administration and faculty. To coordinate the activities of student organizations and fostering good relations between ASB members and the community within Point Loma. And to provide opportunities in which members may develop leadership qualities. To receive a current copy of any official ASB document, please contact the ASB executive secretary at The PLNU staff advisor to ASB is Melissa Burt-Gracik, Director of Community Life. For more information on Student Government events and news updates check out our facebook.










ASB Student Leadership Lifestyle Agreement


1) All ASB personnel, service award recipient employed under the jurisdiction of ASB Board of Directors, shall be required to sign the ASB Student Leadership Lifestyle Agreement (SLLA) before entering the term of office for their respective position.  The SLLA shall hold ASB personnel accountable to themselves, their colleagues, the students they serve and the community they represent. Any service award recipient that a case is brought against will immediately lead to a disciplinary hearing conducted by Student Senate. Upon the first offense of possession or use of drugs or alcohol, the student will compose a letter of appeal to be presented to Student Senate and must make their case in a Student Senate meeting. If the student is found guilty by Student Senate, the student will be subjected to a 10% dock in pay for the semester they are found at fault and may be removed from office. Upon a second offense of possession or use of drugs or alcohol, the student will be removed from their position, but must appeal to Student Senate to decide payment. If found guilty of possession or use of drugs or alcohol the service recipient will be immediately removed from their position.


Executive Branch

Section 3. The Board of Directors is authorized to represent ASB members in establishing statements of student rights or developing a code of conduct in conjunction with the PLNU administration and faculty.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to nominate student members for any university committee.




Representative Branch

Section 4. Removal Process


A. If any member of the Student Senate enters into the discipline process due to a violation of the Student Handbook, he/she shall write a letter to the Board of Directors explaining the circumstances of the infraction, that member will then appear before the Board of Directors, which shall review the case.

B. In order to initiate the impeachment of any Student Senate member, a minimum of two-thirds Senate members must sign a list of grievances, which must be filed with the Board of Directors. 

C. If the Vice President feels that a Senate member needs to be removed, he/she may then send the case to the Board of Directors for approval by a two-thirds vote.

D. The decision of the Board of Directors is binding, and shall be enforced by the Vice President.

Section 5. Duties and Responsibilities



i. The Sophomore, Junior and Senior Student Senate Representatives will attend LEAD week during the fall semester of the school year.  They will receive training by the Vice President during that time. The Freshmen Student Senate Representatives will receive the same training, that already elected representatives have received, within the first two weeks after they are elected.  The Vice President must agree that each member has been properly trained in order for that individual to become a member of The Student Senate. The training should include:

B. Review The Board of Director’s and Media Board stipends based on knowledge of the duties and expectations of each student’s position, as outlined in the Constitution, bylaws, and relevant handbooks.

 i. Each Board of Directors and Media board shall submit a bi-semester report specifically stating how they have accomplished their duties for the semester.

ii. The Board of the Directors and Media board will make a verbal report in their bi-semester review.


C. The Student Senate will evaluate all ASB personnel stipend recipients weekly filled out reports.

D. If a member of ASB violates the terms of the Student Leadership Lifestyle Agreement, he/she shall send a letter pleading their case to the Student Senate.  The Student Senate will hear their case and make a ruling on the matter

 E. If any ASB Personnel is in danger of losing their position, they have the right to appeal their case to the Student Senate

F. Student Senate will submit a bi-semester one page report to the Board of Directors stating how they have filled their duties each semester.


These are the constitution changes as approved by the ASB Board of Directors and ratified by the student body on January 27th, 2014:

Articles VI- Executive Branch, Section 1-
The executive functions of ASB shall be performed by the Board of Directors, comprising the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Director of Finance, Director of School Spirit, Director of Spiritual Life, Director of Student Relations, and Director of Activities and Design. The Director of Community Life shall serve as an ex-officio member and the advisor to the Board of Directors.

Article VIII- Elections, Section 3-
Qualified ASB members shall be placed on the ballot for the Board of Directors in one of two ways:  1) nomination by a nominating committee, or 2) a petition signed by ten percent of the active ASB members. For the Director of Finance, Director of School Spirit, and Director of Activities and Design positions, candidates shall be nominated, although a nomination or petition is not a requirement to be considered. These positions shall be selected based on an application and interview process.  Requirements for the nominating committee, which shall be created by the Executive Secretary, shall be as follows

Article VIII, Section 4-
The selection committee that reviews applications of, interviews, and selects the positions of Director of Finance, Director of School Spirit,  and  Director of Activities and Design shall be comprised of at least fifty percent students and contain the current director of the position and at least one other ASB officer.