The Point Loma Rugby Club is designed to provide fellowship for all who enjoy the competitive game of rugby. Rugby is a sport that incorporates a mixture of football, hockey, and soccer. As a Christian organization, we choose to enjoy rugby and spread the word of God simultaneously. Games are played against other college club teams in both the fall and spring semesters. Our events off the rugby field range include bonfires, BBQs, and fun on the beach with some touch rugby. Our recruiting efforts aim not just to recruit players and volunteers, but to give all an opportunity to get connected into the PLNU community. Our female club branch plays with the team during touch rugby on the beach, and participates in community service events, fundraising, and fellowship.

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A Short History
In 2000, the Point Loma Rugby Club started as a non-sanctioned team at PLNU. Independently established as the Knights, the club was founded on loyalty, honor, and challenged itself to bring “The Light” to the world of rugby. Through the years, the club gained university recognition and later received financial support from the ASB as a PLNU club. After 12 years as the Knights, the club decided to realign its mascot with the university logo the Sea Lions. The new logo, established in 2012, brought together the new and the old members under Fidelitas & Contego. Players past and present are called to be loyal (Fidelitas) to each other and to their faith and to protect (Contego) the weak and shield/defend that which is fragile. As a new tradition, senior members of the club graduate and join the Rugby Associates as a Knight.


  1. Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m., Team workouts are Thursdays at 5 p.m. on campus in front of the gym.
  2. Dues
    Don’t let finances be the reason you don’t join! Pay as you play!
    1. Fall Semester - $200
      Fall individual items received through dues: fall shorts (black), team socks, t-shirt, team kit bag, league registration fee, USA membership/insurance*
    2. Spring Semester - Returning $100 | New $200*
      Spring individual items received through dues: spring shorts (white), game day shirt

      Administrative costs: organizational costs such as referee dues, league dues, individual USA rugby dues, and equipment replacement, field rentals, medical supplies, and tournament entry fees

      Travel: Moving an entire rugby team is not cheap. In addition to paying for occasional bus trips, we attempt to compensate student drivers with gasoline stipends.

      Food and hosting: Needless to say, food and lodging for the team can be a significant part of our budget (including hotel stays and team meals while away). Hosting traveling teams is a rugby tradition and a key part of our mission to show our character to other teams 

*USA insurance is required before participating in live/contact drills. Either paid through dues or $40.

To join, please fill out our Interest Form.


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