The Way Wilderness Orientation

The Way is a week-long, formative wilderness excursion (complete with backpacking and rock climbing) for First Year Students (including transfer students). Organized by PLNU's Outdoor Leadership program, The Way is a great opportunity for incoming students to connect and help them make the leap into university life.

Experience close relationships, explore towering mountains, serene lakes, creeks, meadows, and glaciers. Challenge yourself to new heights rock climbing; and prepare yourself for the start of your big PLNU journey in a big way in California's best wilderness areas. This one-week spectacular wilderness orientation is for First Year Students (including transfers). No experience necessary. Food, outdoor gear, instruction, and transportation to and from PLNU is included. Our itinerary starts on campus where we will begin the group experience and prepare our personal equipment, we then will leave civilization and spend the first day rock climbing in a remote and scenic climbing course area. Backpacking is next where we will travel through a serene wilderness setting for five days. There is truly no better way to start college than a journey through the wilderness with a group of fellow travelers.


The Way

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Team 1: July 11-18, 2015

Team 2: July 25-August 1, 2015

           $325- Received on or before June 1, 2015
           $350 - Received after June 1, 2015 



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Director of Outdoor Leadership Programs
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