Chapel Behavior Policy

    * Each person is expected to appropriately participate in the chapel experience.  This includes, for example, refraining from conversation, standing when asked to stand, and   demonstrating respect for those who are leading chapel.
    * Each person is expected to listen attentively to the presentation.  Reading magazines, notebooks or books, using radio/cassette/CD/MP3/IPod players or computers, and doing homework are inappropriate for chapel.
    * Food is not to be consumed in chapel.  Beverages in non-disposable containers are allowed.
    * Abuse of the chapel facility by putting feet on the furniture or defacing the property is not appropriate.

Failure to cooperate with the above guidelines may result in any of the following consequences:

   1. Warning - The person confronted may be verbally warned.
   2. Severe or Repeated Violations - May be reported to the Chapel Attendance Committee, which is responsible for administrating the chapel attendance and behavior policies.  The committee has the purview to enact appropriate consequences.
   3. Review of Enrollment - Continued disrespect in chapel, or lack of follow through on consequences from the Chapel Attendance Committee will result in a review of the person's continued privilege of enrollment at PLNU. Consequences may include suspension or de-enrollment.