Linking Students and Churches


In San Diego, Hawaii, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Cupertino and many other places, there are opportunities to participate in a faith community beyond PLNU.

The local church is an incredible place to share your unique talents and giftings.  Whether it's graphic design, teaching, accounting, youth ministry, or social work, the church can grow from your engagement and impact.  

LINK connects you to the faith community through

+  local church listings

+  internships

+  resources


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Students offer an incredible gift of talent and personality to the local church.  We understand this, and want to help you provide hospitable, engaging, fun, and challenging opportunities to the PLNU community.   

Innovative opportunities are helping churches utilize and involve students with a wide variety of majors and interests in a church ministry context.  Creative and distinct programs are key!

LINK connects you to PLNU students by

+  highlighting existing programs

+  partnering on new projects


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