Renewal Week

Each semester we set aside one week for the intentional purpose of spiritual renewal and refocus.

Throughout the Old and New Testament, the people of God set aside liturgical seasons that focused on confession, celebration, rest, mourning, reconciliation, and renewal.  The Church, empowered by God’s Holy Spirit followed the wisdom of the Children of Israel adopting these spiritual rhythms and infusing them with new meaning in light of the resurrection of Jesus, the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan for the world. 

Following in these sacred steps, and in addition to the normal flow of the Church calendar, the Chapel program at Point Loma Nazarene University seeks to set aside one week each semester for the purpose of spiritual renewal and refocus.  Recognizing the importance of remembrance, reevaluation, and recommitment, Renewal Week is an invitation to the entire campus community to prayerfully reflect on the movements of God’s Spirit individually and corporately.  Within this larger theme, Renewal Week focuses on two areas of the discipled-life.  In the fall semester, the underlying theme of Renewal Week is the “inward journey” of heart-holiness and character transformation.  Balancing this inward emphasis, Renewal Week in the spring semester calls and challenges us to a life of charity and justice, the “outward journey.”  Combined, PLNU Renewal Week embodies the Old and New Testament command to love God and love others.  

2016 Fall Renewal Week Speaker:

Jon Middendorf

Videos from Renewal Week Spring 2015

PLNU Chapel (Monday, February 2nd) VIDEO

PLNU Graduate Chapel (Tuesday, February 3rd) VIDEO

PLNU Chapel (Wednesday, February 4th) VIDEO

PLNU Time Out (Wednesday, February 4th) VIDEO

PLNU Chapel (Friday, February 6th) VIDEO


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Past Renewal Week Speakers

Tim Green

Teanna Sunberg

Deirdre Brower Latz

Scott Daniels

Tim & Shawna Gaines