Chaplaincy Ministries


Chapel is where we intentionally pause from the busyness of life and seek to gather together in Christ's name. This is an invitation to mature in faith and life as neighbors praising God in all circumstance. Chapel is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings in Brown an Monday and Wednesday at Liberty Station. 

Time Out

In addition to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning Chapel offerings, PLNU offers an additional place of gathering where we hear primarily from student voices, on Wednesday nights called  Time Out

Why We Gather

PLNU gathers for worship at least four times per week. We often get questions like, “Why chapel?” or “Why is attending worship required?” This answer may just be discovered within a Christ-centered community. Read more on why we gather here.

Renewal Week

During Renewal Week there are extra opportunities for renewal, prayer, and worship in addition to chapel. Be challenged by exceptional speakers and feed your soul in a variety of worship, prayer and experiences. 


Convergence is a student led discussion group centered on our vocations as Christians. Guest speakers are invited to share wisdom from their lives and within their particular occupations as Christians.