Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

9:45 - 10:30 am @ Brown Chapel


2013-2014 Chapel Theme: "Daily Bread"

It’s been said that prayer changes things. In fact, Christians are not the only ones who practice praying in hopes of changing life’s circumstances. Yet, have you ever wondered that there’s got to be more to prayer than just praying? It’s here that we must turn to the life of Jesus – the one who modeled a life of prayer. 


Throughout the gospels we encounter Jesus going off to pray, coming back from prayer, praying in the presence of his disciples, praying for his disciples, and so on. This obviously spoke volumes because his disciples specifically asked him to teach them how to pray. These disciples most likely knew by memory countless prayers, yet they still sought instruction from their Teacher. Why? What was it they saw? What was it about Jesus’ prayer life that seemed to be so intriguing, moving, transformative, empowering or even dependent upon the Father? 

Simply, prayer is not some sort of mechanism but a relationship. One where we walk, talk, listen, be, and continually fall deeper in love with Christ Jesus. It’s a love relationship where our character is formed continually to be Kingdom agents in the world in which we live. So, without question we turn for instruction to the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples – The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6/Luke 11). We’ll focus in particular on the portion that prays; Give us each day our daily bread. This is a dangerous prayer, especially if we believe prayer not only changes things but can change us. It also begs several questions; What does it look like for us to live lives of complete dependency upon Our Father? 


What does it mean to seek Our Father daily for sustenance and trust that he will provide? What does it look like to rely on God intimately as the source of not just mine, but our daily needs? 

As an entire campus community we will explore and be challenged through morning chapel, discipleship groups, mission trips, special forums, Time Out and other intentionally created spaces, to live lives holistically dependent upon our Lord – who is the Bread of life for Our Daily Bread. Just imagine how beautiful it can be to be a people together who embody such a lifestyle of character transformation where we are continually pointing beyond our tendency towards an existence of self-sufficiency to a God-sufficiency way of living!


Kaleo chapels are student-led expressions of worship. Kaleo chapels focus heavily on creative expression, from spoken word poetry and live painting to original hip-hop and student preaching.