Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

9:45 - 10:30 am @ Brown Chapel


2014-2015 Chapel Theme: "What if We Believe ________?"


There are those stories from the Bible of the dead raised, blind given sight, women and men restored to new life and even the promise of redemption. Are these merely stories to us or possibly more? What if We Believe_______? is an invitation into unpacking a mysterious faith. A mystery that is not to be solved but one to be lived. Yet, not avoiding hard questions like; do I believe in the scriptures, in a good heavenly Father, in Jesus as the Christ (Messiah), in the resurrection, or that a body of believers can change the world through the Holy Spirit? Ultimately, does what we believe really make a difference in our lives, communities, the church or even the world?

This year, we’ll look at creed and liturgy and how these effect what we believe as the body of Christ. We will grapple with what it means to be a people who profess a faith or trust (ancient Latin sense of the word creed) in Christ. Then seek to understand how that’s lived out in service or work of the people (Greek translation of liturgy). We’ll also explore standing in solidarity as the family of God, who hold the creeds - such as The Apostle’s Creed - as symbols of a faith worth declaring.  


My deep desire is that together we dive into these conversations about belief, faith and living, while being rooted firmly in prayer, worship and service. For what the ancient early followers of Jesus discovered just might be true: Lex orandi, lex credendi - praying does shape believing.

As the PLNU community, we will be challenged through chapel, discipleship groups, mission trips, special forums, Time Out and other intentionally created spaces. Together, we’ll explore how what we believe might shape us as a community who is being transformed by Christ. Our ultimate prayer then, is that in the beauty of community, we may embody a lifestyle of transformation where together we declare in faith that we belong and participate in this mysterious life with God the Father, in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit, as the family called the Church.

-Tim Whetstone


Kaleo chapels are student-led expressions of worship. Kaleo chapels focus heavily on creative expression, from spoken word poetry and live painting to original hip-hop and student preaching.