Meet Our Team

The Office of Spiritual Development’s mission is

“To invite the university community into a deeper experience of God’s love and to support students in their spiritual journey by creating opportunities for growth in Christ through reflection, discovery, and practice of our faith in Christ.”

Within this mission, Chaplaincy Ministries practically seeks to express this mission through avenues of prayer, corporate worship and arts, service and pastoral care to the entire PLNU community. We intentionally provide holistic opportunities and space for the development and maturation of faith within community. Our desire is to grow together as disciples and to help one another toward spiritual maturity in Christ for His kingdom purposes. In short, we are here, we are available, and we want to get to know and walk with you during your journey, especially while at PLNU.

Who are we?

The Chaplaincy Ministries team is housed within the Office of Spiritual Development, yet overlaps and collaborates with multiple ministries, groups and departments throughout PLNU. Currently we are:

George Williamson
Director of Worship Arts

Charlie Lyons-Pardue
Chapel Producer
& Creative Arts Coordinator 

Hannah Dominguez 
Chaplaincy Ministries Assistant, Receptionist

Travis Cook
Worship Arts Media Coordinator

Kyle Krumsick 
Chaplaincy Ministries Intern

M'Lynn Martin 
ASB Spiritual Life Director