Why We Gather

We are a Christian university that truly desires to invest in the spiritual growth and maturation of each student, as expressed in PLNU’s Spiritual Development’s mission: 

“To invite the university community into a deeper experience of God’s love and to support students in their spiritual journey by creating opportunities for growth in Christ through reflection, discovery, and practice of our faith in Christ.”

Therefore, we provide opportunities for growth in Christ through four main avenues of expression: prayer, corporate worship, service and discipleship. 

Gathering corporately for worship is a time honored practice since our foundation as a university. Chapel is one of our intentional spaces we create for Christ-centered communal growth and worship. We value the act of gathering together for worship like we value academic excellence. Because of this commitment, we make worship a high priority in our weekly schedule. This is a witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and is central to who we are. We do take seriously the equipping of one another to love and serve the world in His name. 

We are a Christ-centered community in the art of becoming disciples of Jesus. That’s why we intentionally pause from the busyness of life. This rhythm of rest and practice of gathering is essential to our growing lives of discipleship. Here, we are invited to gather as neighbors, praising God in all circumstances in corporate worship. These are specific times to cultivate our hearts, minds and spirits and to be challenged in discipleship to trust and follow Christ. 

PLNU is home to a diverse body of students where we seek to honor and respect one another while discovering what it means to live lives of faith together. Ultimately, we long to encounter the Triune God’s love, presence and transforming work in us. So we may go from this gathering as a people shaped by the Holy Spirit, and in His presence to live, love and serve through faith in Christ. 

You may discover more about Who We Are within Spiritual Development and our mission, vision, and guiding principles.