Discipleship Groups

We all need companions on our spiritual journey—friends to encourage, strengthen, and guide us. It’s amongst these friends where we come to discover the power of a healthy, God-centered community. Our Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) allow for that type of transformative and grace-filled space, one that provides rest, laughter, learning, and lasting friendships. Like most things, when it comes to the spiritual life, we’re better together. That’s why we depend on each other to accomplish our God-given mission of transforming the world.

"D groups encompass the entire mission of Discipleship Ministries: to grow in relationship with God, self, and others."
Melanie Wolf



D-Groups work with sophomores, juniors and seniors, offering rich small group conversation and spiritual formation activities. Grab a California burrito after class, hit the surf on a warm afternoon, or venture on a weekend hike with your group members, all while digging deeper into your faith. Students can join a group that fits their schedule, allowing for a convenient opportunity to open up with friends, hallmates, and D-group leaders about their faith journey. 

If you have questions, you can contact us at dgroups@pointloma.edu.

"Every single person involved is actively seeking God. I have never before found a community where I felt so readily accepted and loved."
Karin Campbell

The Leaders

All groups are guided by a D-Group leader who receives training, mentoring, and ongoing guidance from the Discipleship Ministries office. Leaders walk alongside their group members in a spirit of service and compassion, guiding them towards a deeper understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

The Discipleship Ministries student leaders form a cohesive team across campus that meets weekly, attends a fall and spring retreat, and is advised by Melanie Wolf, Director of Discipleship Ministries. Applications to become a D-Group leader are available in the spring for the following year.