Spiritual Mentoring

PLNU’s Office for Spiritual Development defines spiritual mentoring as the sharing of life together in intentional, Christ-centered, discipleship-focused relationships.  In a 2003 study by Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) institutions, including PLNU, the Faithful Change Project on spiritual development indicated that “mentoring relationships with persons of mature faith” were among the experiences in college that led to the greatest spiritual growth.

Through the Office of Discipleship Ministries, PLNU sophomore students have the opportunity to request a senior class student mentor.  Upperclassmen students can request a PLNU staff, faculty, or friend of the university as a Spiritual Mentor.  PLNU staff and faculty as well as friends of the university are encouraged to apply and are matched with an interested student.

PLNU faculty, staff, and friends of the University:


PLNU senior students:

Current sophomore, junior and senior students: