Spiritual Mentoring Program

Program Details

PLNU staff, faculty, and friends of the university may apply to be a spiritual mentor of an upperclassmen student.  The deadline for spiritual mentor applications is early in the fall semester each year.  PLNU students are invited to request a mentor also in the fall.  Matched mentors and students will be notified by the end of September, and will begin meeting as soon as both are able.

For Juniors and Seniors: Spiritual Mentors will be PLNU staff, faculty, or friends of the University.

For Sophomores: Spiritual Mentors will be current PLNU seniors.


+ When does the program start and end?
The Spiritual Mentoring program requires a one semester committment.  There will be opportunities to apply at the beginning of each semester.
+ Who can participate?
Sophomore, junior, and senior students can request a Spiritual Mentor.   Junior and senior students will be matched with a PLNU staff, faculty, or friend of the university (spouses of staff/ faculty, alums, qualfied community members).  Sophomore students will be matched with a current PLNU senior student mentor.  Potential mentors submit an application and references.
+ How does the matching process work?
At the beginning of each semester, our office reviews mentor applications and student requests for mentors.  Matches are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and mentoring will begin a couple of weeks into each semester.  Matches are made based on interest, experience, the questions answered in the application/ request forms, and knowledge, if any, of the participants.  Matches made later in the semester are exceptions and depend on whether mentors or mentees are available.
+ How often will we meet?
Generally, you can expect to meet bi-weekly.  We ask that mentor-mentee pairs meet a minimum of two times each month and if a mentor-mentee pair wishes to meet weekly, they are more than welcome to.
+ Where will we meet?
Anywhere mutually agreed upon by the mentor-mentee pair.
+ What will the time together look like?
That is completely up to the mentor and mentee.  Pairs may choose to read a book, pray together, go for a walk, discuss current events, surf, or make art.  We hope these relationships are mutually encouraging, challenging and life giving.
+ What if a match doesn't work out?
If a mentor or student feel like the match is unhelpful, please contact our office so we can assess the situation and review options promptly: spiritualmentoring@pointloma.edu or 619-849-2596.