There are multiple ways to be involved with Discipleship Ministries across campus. Interns and leaders have the opportunity to work with small groups, mentoring, and creative worship and prayer. Read more about each position below and apply to any and all you are interested in!


Leadership Team

D Group Leaders

Interns work closely with Discipleship Ministries staff and are invited to participate in spiritual formation activities and get togethers through the Office of Spiritual Development. Interns work together to help plan Discipleship events, engage their peers, and shape their campus. 
Students on the Leadership Team bring their gifts and talents to Discipleship Ministries and are critical in implementing the programs offered. Together they impact many aspects of campus life through their leadership in D-Groups, Spiritual Mentoring, and Created Space.
Being a D-Group Leader is being in community with others, learning to pursue Jesus together. Individuals organize and lead small groups centered around relationship, community, prayer, worship and spiritual practice. D-Group Leaders are the hands and feet of Discipleship Ministries.

Intern application

Available Monday, February 24.

Leadership Team application

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D-Group Leader application

Applications are due Friday, March 21.

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Additional Info

All applicants are required to submit two reference forms. One of these can be a peer reference and the other a non-family adult in your life (small group leader, mentor, pastor, coach, etc).

If you were not able to schedule an interview at the end of the application, please email Nikki Fountas for assistance.