Women's Programming

Sophomore Womensophomorewomen.jpg

Sophomore Women are occasionally invited for an evening to connect with each other and hear stories of those that have gone before them. There is time to share, discuss, and reflect.  

"Enough" sophmore event will be in the fall of 2016. There will be a panel of upperclassmen students, faculty, and staff to share their stories and answer your questions. This event is done in partnership with Residential Life and The Margaret Stevenson Center for Women's Studies. Contact mwolf@pointloma.edu for more information.


Senior Women's Retreat

DSC_0715.JPGFor ten years now, the women's forum has been a place for senior females to gather and prepare for life beyond Loma. This retreat is a time to get away, deepen friendships, connect with other seniors for the first time, and learn from those a bit farther down the road in life.

"(This retreat allows us), as women, to share the journey we're on…and to (offer) wisdom and encouragement."
Dr. Linda Beail (Professor of Political Science)