GradWorks is for graduating or recently graduated PLNU students.
This program networks our students with ongoing ministries in locations all over the world.


  • Placements are available for a duration ranging from three months to two years. Student loan deferment is usually available for at least a year. Please consult with your individual lender(s) on the requirements for you.
  • A range of placements are available to the volunteer, based on a match of the skills and interests with the needs and ongoing work of the host field location.

Partnership with the Church of the Nazarene

  • GradWorks is a cooperative program with the General Church of the Nazarene Office of Volunteerism. Participants do not have to be Nazarene to participate, but must be sensitive to and supportive of the theology and philosophy of the denomination.  More information is available at
  • The Nazarene denomination gives significant infrastructure, support, and opportunities to volunteers. More information is available at  *Please note; GradWorks is the PLNU “franchise” of Mission Corps.

Cost of Participation

  • The cost of participation varies, depending on each location.  Food, housing, transportation and other expenses are budgeted by each site.

Raising Support

  • Participants are responsible to raise their own support.  Volunteers are on contract with the denomination, making it possible to raise support, including regular (i.e., weekly, monthly) donations from family and friends to your expenses.  These donations are tax-deductable.

Volunteer Insurance

  • Each volunteer is required to have the Mission Corps insurance policy.  This policy covers major accidents, injuries, and repartriation.  More details are available at