Expenses for LoveWorks ministry travel may be covered in any of three ways:
1) donations to the program from family and friends
2) payment from the participant or immediate family member
3) any general student financial aid (loans and grants, if available), applied after a remaining balance has been rolled onto the participant’s student account

LoveWorks recognizes that participation requires courage, faith, and wisdom. 
Participants are always encouraged to prayerfully seek God in the process and to seek wisdom and encouragement from their family and other elders.  Most of us cannot afford to go "on our own" and it is beautiful and healthy to be sent into mission by a supportive community of friends and family--in many cases, our supporters are people who have known and raised us.  For many, it is a joy to see a college student actively choosing Christian service over the typical college story of self-absorption and destructive behavior.

There is no formal schedule of deposits or payments.  Participants are free to make cash payments and turn in donations to the Office of Spiritual Development at any time during the spring semester and the summer until August 1.  On August 1 all remaining balances will be rolled to Student Financial Services, where they will be placed on student accounts.

Have a plan (and a backup plan).
It is vital that students have a backup plan for covering financial shortfalls.  A remaining balance on a student account will prevent registration for classes.  We never want to see students in danger of dropping out of school because of an unpaid LoveWorks balance.  Usually when we do see this situation arise it is largely because the student did not plan and did not seek help.

Graduating seniors and non-returning students will be contacted by LoveWorks after the trip to arrange for payment.  When necessary, a regular payment plan may be arranged.  While we can usually be gracious, participants must follow through and pay off their debt to the program.  They must also ensure that we have their most recent contact information.

LoveWorks scholarships are based on financial need as well as full and positive participation in support raising, training, and ministry during the trip.  Students are encouraged to show ways that they have made personal sacrifice and effort to contribute to pay for their trip.  After the trip, LoveWorks will provide all students with scholarship criteria and information on the application process.

The program fee includes:
1) round-trip ground transportation from PLNU to the airport, as needed
2) round-trip air travel to the host country
3) all ground, air, or maritime transportation during the trip, as arranged by host
4) room and board as arranged by host
5) comprehensive travel insurance, including medical air evacuation and any necessary ongoing treatment at home
6) a portion of ministry supplies expense
7) a donation for ministry activities determined by host
8) scholarship funds to aid in-country youth who may join the LoveWorks team, as requested by host
9) travel visa fees, as required by governments
10) arrival and departure fees and taxes, as required by governments
11) minimal costs directly associated with student training and support raising (photocopies, training retreat, books, and binders)
12) program t-shirt
13) CPR/first aid training for team leaders, first aid supplies, emergency contingency funds
14) any limited tourism activities that may be arranged by our hosts
15) all essential incidental expenses (we expect participants to pack as indicated in training)


LoveWorks is committed to sound financial planning and management.  The program fee will never increase beyond the published amount.

The program fee does not include (additional expenses students are responsible to pay for):
1)     passport application or renewal fees, as required
2)     travel immunizations (requirements vary by trip and participant’s own medical insurance policies)
3)     souvenirs (we cannot guarantee souvenir shopping. It is not our focus, and we do not recommend bringing more than $100)
4)     connecting air travel to/from your home or summer residence, as needed

The program fee does not cover (additional expenses PLNU LoveWorks pays):
1)     program staff salaries and office overhead (100% of the program fee is for your ministry participation, your trip)
2)     program promotion, posters, informational events
3)     need and participation-based student scholarships (paid for by donations, LoveWorks endowed scholarships, LoveWorks and PLNU.  Past participants are welcome to consider LoveWorks in their charitable giving.)
4)     food for team reunions
5)     director site visit travel and continued cultivation of host relationships
6)     training development
7)     leader recruitment and training
8)     much of the ministry donations and supplies (sports equipment, curriculum, VBS and school supplies, first aid and medical supplies, host gifts, etc.)

Donations to PLNU LoveWorks (501c3) are tax-deductible.  As such, they are non-refundable and must be used for ministry.

All donations will be used to support students in their LoveWorks ministry and the ongoing work of our host ministries worldwide. Neither staff salaries nor office overhead expenses are funded by LoveWorks donations.

When students raise more donations than the amount needed to support their own trip, all "extra" funds will be used at the program's discretion to fund scholarships for other students in serious need, or to support our hosts' ministries.


In the event a student cancels participation, or is asked to leave the program by the Director of International Ministries because of noncompliance with stated program policies, attendance, or behavior guidelines, the student will be responsible to pay the university a $250 withdrawal fee to cover initial program expenses and preparation made on the student’s behalf. The student will also be responsible to pay for the non-refundable portion of the airline ticket and program expenses within sixty (60) days after the last day that travel was to have taken place. Our program will authorize the university to take whatever steps are necessary to collect amounts not paid within the time period specified above, including having such amounts charged to the student’s account at the university and thereby subjecting to any restrictions the university may place on the continued enrollment or graduation.

In cases of late-arising illness we ask that the participant quickly provide our office with a physician’s note advising the participant is not able to travel. Our travel agent will try to secure a refund for the plane ticket purchased, but there is no guarantee. In this unfortunate situation we will work with the student and family to come to a compromise with all non-refundable expenses. 

Tax-exempt ministry donations are non-refundable to the donors or the student. Because of the nature of the donations they can’t be used to pay for non-refundable fees and expenses. Donations will be allocated towards ministry expenses only and will support scholarships for other students and LoveWorks partner ministries. 

Donor Information

For more information on donating to a student in the LoveWorks program and for other frequently asked questions and answers regarding donations please click HERE.