LoveWorks Participants

The LoveWorks program requires that all participants obtain a passport for travel. It is important to begin applying for a passport early as processing times can vary. Passport style photos are complimentary for all International Ministries participants. If your passport expires less than 6 months before your trip's return date, you will need to renew your passport to participate.

Steps to Applying for a Passport:

Please see the official Department of State passport page for specific instructions.

  1. Complete the correct passport application for your needs.  All information must be accurate. Do NOT sign the application form until the Passport Acceptance Agent instructs you to do so.
  2. If applying for the first time, you must apply in person at a Passport Application Acceptance Office
  3. You will need evidence of citizenship (an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, previous passport, certificate of citizenship, etc) and an additional present form of identification (previous passport, valid driver's license, current Government ID, etc) and a front and back copy of each identification document.
  4. Include two passport-style photos.  LoveWorks Participants: the International Ministries office will take your photos for free during designated times.
  5. Don't forget your payment!  Refer to the chart below.  Accepted payment methods vary by location and application method. If applying in person, check with the Passport Acceptance Office first to see which method of payment they accept. The application fee and execution fee must be paid separately.

Passport Fees:

New Book: Adult 16 & older

Application Fee = $110

Execution Fee = $25

Fees must be paid separately

Renew Passport Book: Adult 16 & older$110