LoveWorks is committed to walking with students after they return home.  In many ways, the end of the trip is just the beginning.  A lifetime of lessons and direction can come out of a short time abroad.  Students are always welcome to meet with International Ministries staff to discuss participation in our programs or their interest in Christian missions and international work.

BAGGAGE CLAIM: a place for those recently landed back at Loma

Wednesday evenings from 5-6 PM in the Study Abroad Office, Bond Academic Center.  Coffee, tea, and good conversation with others who have visited, lived, ministered, and studied overseas.  Students are welcome to join us for as many or as few sessions as they would like.  View this semester's schedule.

Baggage Claim Topics:

  • Storytelling: Funny Stories
  • Culture Shock 
  • Active Response / Relevance at Home 
  • Faith Fall-out 
  • Storytelling: Life-Changing & Sad Stories
  • Poverty / Economic Realities & Inequities
  • New Perspectives on Relationships /  Maintaining a Personal Connection to Place 
  • Perceptions of the U.S.'s Place in the World 
  • Storytelling: Love Stories /Baggage Claim Christmas Party

Book Recommendations:

  • Re-Entry by Peter Jordan
  • Country specific non-fiction and fiction

Other resources: