Our team leadership structure is a long-standing and distinguishing element of the LoveWorks program. We typically place two leaders on each team, one male and one female. Leaders serve to promote healthy, successful ministry and travel for the team. They are servant leaders who model culturally sensitive behavior and positive attitudes to the team members. Leaders help students to prepare for ministry, as well as help them debrief in team meetings and informally both during and after the trip. They serve as a primary liaison between the team and the Office of International Ministries as well as between the team and the host during the trip.

PLNU alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the university are invited to apply. Married couples may apply together, but dating or engaged couples may not lead together. Graduating seniors are eligible to participate as students, but not as alumni leaders. Alumni are invited to apply 16 months after graduation.

Leaders must commit to attending training meetings, including leader training. This is a significant volunteer commitment, but we have seen tremendous blessing in the lives of leaders and students on this journey together.