Education Sponsorship Program: Sign-Up

The children who live at Niños de Fé are in the middle of a new school year - and you can play a vital role in helping ensure their success by becoming a sponsor!  For a one-time gift of $55, you will provide English immersion activities and school supplies for a child.  Throughout the year, you can participate in a pen-pal letter exchange with your child, writing to each other once a month.  An added advantage is that the letter process can help the kids practice their English.  The Niños de Fé ministry will deliver the letters back and forth, but you are always invited to sign up to go on the Niños de Fé trips as well.

To Sponsor a Child: 

-  You may sign up as a group or an individual.
-  Fill out the form below.
-  Pay the $55 donation online (we will email you link) or at Spiritual Development.
-  Commit to writing your child once a month.  (Groups, assign one consistent writer.)
-  Be encouraged to visit your child by coming on a Niños de Fé trip this year!

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with information on payment, as well as details about your child and the letter-writing process.  Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in this exciting program! If you have any more questions, send an email to Sydney:


** NOTE: Your donation is non-refundable. In the event that your child moves out of Niños de Fé, you will be contacted, and your donation will continue to support the other residents, as well as any new children who join the home. Whether or not you continue as a pen-pal for another child will depend on the needs of the orphanage.