Saturday, December 6th 

Gran Familia" means "Big Family". 

Our Christmas Party is a time when all three ministries within Ministry with Mexico come together.

ATTEND THE TRIP: Click the Gran Familia sign up link to join us on Saturday, December 6th for our Christmas party with the kids from the Niños de Fé home (Las Casas ministry) and Eunime orphanage and our friends from La Iglesia ministry. The trip departs at 12:30pm and participants should be back at PLNU around 6pm.

GIFT SPONSORSHIP: You may also use the same sign up link if you'd like to buy a gift for a child. In addition to buying personalized gifts for the children we would like to bless the homes with non-perishable food items and blankets. If you are able please consider donating some of the mentioned items above in $10 increments. The gifts are due to Spiritual Development office on Monday, December 1st.

You don't have to attend the trip to give a gift or vice versa...but you are welcome to do both!