Ministry with Mexico is a program run out of the Office of Spiritual Develpment.  We are so grateful to be able to offer so many opportunities to experience life together with our brothers and sisters across the border.  All of our ministries emphasize cross-cultural engagement through genuine relationships, mutual planning, and meaningful service.   

 Important Details of Our Program:

Our student-led ministry groups each visit the Tijuana-Tecate area once a month.  This means up to four trips a month!  For more info, each group is highlighted in the green boxes to the right. 
  • Sponsors:  PLNU Faculty, Staff, or Alumni sponsors are invited to attend our trips throughout the school year.
  • Passports:  All travel to Mexico now requires a passport.  For more info, visit our Passport Page.
  • Safety:  The International Ministries office, which oversees all Mexico Programs, works diligently to consider all safety aspects.  To read more about our commitment to secure travel, visit our Mexico Travel Page.
  • Trip Announcements:  We email reminders about upcoming trips at the beginning of each month through our Vamonos newsletter.  You may sign up for a trip through the newsletter or the Trip Application for the specific ministry trip you'd like to attend. Trip applications for each ministry can be found by following the links on the right.  To subscrive to our newsletter click here!
  • Gran Familia:  Our Gran Familia events bring together all 3 of our ministry groups at the end of each semester.  In December, we throw a Christmas party for the children of the two homes we regularly visit.  In May, we typically enjoy an event or location right here in San Diego that celebrates Mexican culture.  Sign up for Gran Familia now!

What We're About
Rooted in the belief that neighbors help each other out, Ministry with Mexico seeks to celebrate a cross cultural community made up of past, present, and future relationships. We strive to widen and challenge perspectives in pursuit of living out justice within the Kingdom of God.