The trip is co-sponsored by The International Ministries Office and the Center for International Development.  Dr. Brower and some members of the University Cabinet will spend the week building alongside faculty, staff, alumni, and students.  Project supervisors are: Kenn & Chad Coil (Lazarian World Homes Directors) and Alejandro Torres (Lazarian World Homes Coordinator for Baja México & Nazarene pastor in Tijuana, México).

We will be partnering with:  Lazarian World Homes.


Departure -  Sunday, March 9, 2014.  Mandatory orientation session at 8am with departure immediately following.

Return -  Saturday, March 15, 2014.  Expected return to PLNU by 9pm (border waits are difficult to gauge).


Students/ Staff/ Faculty/ Alumni - $250

Cost includes: housing, all meals, health insurance, and transportation.

Accommodations/ Transportation:  Group housing will be provided at Hacienda del Mar Hotel in the Playas de Tijuana area - right on the beach!  Food will be provided by local Nazarene church members.   Participants will travel by PLNU charter bus.

Insurance:  Travel health insurance coverage is purchased through the Church of the Nazarene.  Excellent medical facilities are located nearby in central Tijuana.

Family Member Attendance:  Family members of those participating in the build project are certainly welcome, though we can only allow those doing the building to be at the site.  Their fee will remain the same, since they will incur the same costs.  Provisions will be made for lunch during the day and transportation to the group meal every evening.  Family members are welcome to stay at the hotel during the day and are permitted to spend time in Tijuana under their own liability.  Please mark on the form if you are registering as a family member of a build participant. 

Note on Our Locations & México Travel:  Both our build site and hotel are within 15 minutes across the border (the San Ysidro crossing).  We will stay at a nearby hotel, which will serve as our home base for the week.  We will eat all our meals at the work site, the Tijuana Central Church of the Nazarene, which is only about 5 minutes from the hotel.  We will travel each day to our church worksite in the downtown area of Tijuana.  While we may spend an afternoon enjoying the shops and culture of the Tijuana/ Rosarito area, we have a lofty goal to reach in one week and will be working hard every day.  We will stay together as a group the whole time within the boundaries of the church or hotel -- it is wise to remain a unit in any group international travel situation.  If you don’t have a passport, the International Ministries office will make contact with  you and assist you in the process. Both the construction site and our housing location are within 15 minutes of the San Diego/Tijuana border and if needed we can easily cross back into the U.S.