impressions of our program & the trips:

"I absolutely LOVED S.A.L.T. Mission Camps. I think everyone should go on this trip! Such a great way to experience the church in the way it truly is meant to be experienced."

"I've realized that I have a huge passion for missions and I'm trying to be more aware of others now more than ever. From praying to talking with people, it has a way bigger impact on me."

some lessons learned:    

"Every day that I'm home, I realize a little bit more about what I learned and how I was changed during the trip. One of the biggest things I learned was the value of family relationships and spending real time with people. I have been able to apply these things in my life here at home, and my relationships with my family members is already changing. God used this trip big time for me, and He continues to use it every day."

"The courage to ask honest questions."

"This trip has opened my eyes to missions. I have a deeper understanding for missionaries. It has also taught me to open my eyes to my own community and look at their needs. We don't have to leave the country to be missionaries.  Every community needs help and needs to learn about God."

"Oh, yes. I want to live in Mexico now!"

teen participant voices:

"I absolutely love this week in Mexico. I learned a lot, made new friends, and had so much fun. I loved the idea of the outreach fairs as well as the work days. I felt that the event was very well organized and I definitely plan to come back again ---- I LOVED IT!!!"

"It totally changed the way I think of those in need, and it brought Matthew 25 to life in me."

youth pastor participant voices:

"I don't think I'll ever be able to read the story of the good Samaritan or hear the question "who is my neighbor" without thinking about YouthWorks 09 and my small group."

"Very organized.  PLNU Leaders were genuine and cared about how everyone was feeling physically and emotionally.  Students weren't judged or treated differently by leaders according to their attitude or character.  Well done!"

"Overall organization was outstanding. Everyone pitched in and worked together. Small group leaders had direction and worked to involved everyone to get all connected."     Fun Work

PLNU student staff voices:

" S.A.L.T. Mission Camps is an opportunity for amazing education and ministry. The camps allow everyone involved to attain their highest potential as a leader, Christian, friend, student. This is the most valuable experience of my college career."

"I am so thankful to have been a part of this trip. I am thankful for the hospitality we were shown and I truly think that we all learned that week what a piece of the united church looks like."

"Lots of thoughts...many that I'm still trying to sort through.  I really hope that I continue to grapple with them rather than simply putting the experience in a file and moving on.  It seems like I have even more questions about social justice, cross-cultural relations, high schoolers, God, me, and how we're to live as the church - which I think is a good thing."

"As my second mission trip ever, I fully enjoyed every aspect of it. I made really good friends from Mexico and I think I bonded more with the Mexican participants than the US ones! This trip did a really good job of opening my eyes culturally...and really challenged me on how I could love my neighbors. I'm so glad I went!"

"Where do I begin? S.A.L.T. has truly brought peace and reconciliation into my life. I feel 'full' for the first time in a while.  Also, I've never felt more 'myself' than when i was in Baja. I feel like I left my home and found myself in Mexico, which is something I praise God for."

parent participant voices:

"Both my kids seem to have loved the trip. Thank you so much for allowing them to participate and for planning such a great trip!"