Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a vital part of all facets of Spiritual Development at Point Loma Nazarene University.  As an office, we encourage and develop students on our campus as they lead their peers in formation, outreach, and service.  Resources, lunches, retreats & conferences, training, and  mentoring are a few of the benefits of Ministry Leadership within Spiritual Development.  

For more info on what it means to lead in our office, check out the programs and position descriptions below.

Discipleship Ministries

Lead a small group, work with freshmen, or be a student mentor.

For more info, visit their webpage or contact Melanie Wolf.

Ministries with México

Plan trips across the border and build relationship with our partners in Tijuana.

For more info, visit their webpage or contact Esteban Trujillo.

Student Ministries

Coordinate an ongoing service opportunity and connect with local community movements.

For more info, visit their webpage or contact Dana Hojsack.

Chaplaincy Ministries

The chaplaincy ministries intern position is specifically designed as an apprenticeship in vocational (not necessarily occupational) ministry and missions. It is an opportunity to exploring how ministry fits into each of our lives as disciples. Apply here.

Creative Arts


Help with the aesthetic direction of Chapel; including stage art direction, set-building, recruiting student artists. Help develop large creative worship/prayer events like Worship Under the Stars, Prayer Path, Stations of the Cross, etc. Apply here.