Chapel Bands and Worship Teams

Chapel Bands


Chapel and Time Out include live worship led and populated by PLNU students. Our Worship Ministries Interns put together meaningful sets and invite fellow students to join them, leading the PLNU community in a worshipful experience four times each week.



Steps to Get Involved


1. Attend the info meeting

Towards the beginning of the school year, there will be an informational meeting that every musician, whether new or returning, is required to go to. This is a chance for all who would like to get involved to hear the vision of worship ministries. This also helps us know that everyone who steps foot on the platform in Brown to lead the campus in worship through song is saying by virtue of their presence, that Jesus is the first love of their heart, and that they want their lives to shine for Him. It is such a visible ministry and with that comes responsibility, but also wonderful opportunity to be a light of Christ-like living to our campus: students, faculty, and staff.

In Matthew 15, Jesus says, "You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand ["pedestal" in KJV], and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." 


2015 Info Meeting:

New students and returning students attendance required, even if you've been involved previously.

 Attend one of two meetings: [info coming at the start of Fall 2015 semester].  For more info e-mail



2. One on one with George

Before getting to play in chapel, musicians and vocalists must schedule a time to have a one on one with Goerge. We do individual meetings in addition to the group meeting so that we can get a feel for where you are musically and also to get a sense of where your heart is for ministry. When you meet with George, you'll come in with something to work through musically rather than just play random songs. The songs you will play will be given to you ahead of time so you'll have plenty of time t

3. Stay on the radar!

After meeting with George, musicians are placed into a pool of musicians from which George and the interns draw from to play in chapel. To be involved, it is a good idea that you step out make yourself known to the worship interns that you're willing and able to serve. Introduce yourself, be personable, and find opportunities to meet up with George and the interns to hang out, play music, and serve together!

Read more: Loma Beat article - Those Who Lead Us in Worship

If you have more questions about getting involved, email George Williamson.

What to Expect in an Audition

Songs that you will have prepared when you come in have been selected these for specific reasons. Some of it is to see how you do across a variety of different keys, tempos, time signatures, and feels. It is advised that you listen to the recordings (the charts are for these specific recordings) as many times as you think you need in order to be able to play/sing the song with confidence, getting the melody/harmony in your head and the song structure.

For those of you playing instruments, listen to what your part is doing on the recording and try to emulate it. For those of you singing, try to memorize the words, singing the melody with confidence, and try to figure out harmonies. Some of you might find the harmony very easily and others might find it harder (or at times have found it impossible and written off that ability). Listen to what the harmony is on the recordings. 

 It's encouraged that you come with these songs well known. This way we'd have a good indication of how you would prepare the day before a chapel rehearsal if George or one of the interns invited you to be part of the band and emailed you some songs to listen to and prep.

No need to be nervous of the time together or feel you need to be as good as the musicians on these recordings. We don't expect you to play exactly the same as them (they are professional, touring, musicians)! That said, make sure you come in with your best prepared. You'll spend a little bit of time together getting acquainted with George and then play these songs together.

Regarding instruments... In the room there will be: bass, electric guitar (with basic delay and overdrive setup), acoustic guitar, drums, keyboard, and all amps needed. If you have them, bring your own guitars/pedals boards/drum sticks, as you'd probably prefer to play with what you're comfortable with.

Keyboardists: I will have you play a piano sound obviously, but will also ask you to play a little bit on an organ patch and a string patch. It's ok if you've never played those sounds before, but helpful for me to note if you have.

Drummers: I will see how well you do on click track. We have all drummers in chapel play on click track. Again, ok if you haven't used it before.

ALL: You ALL should own a metronome :) Seriously, it is a good thing for all musicians to be able to slave to a click track. A needed discipline. As musicians (and same for athletes) it is the discipline in training that enables you to be the most intuitive, creative, and free flowing player when the moment comes to play.


New Student Band

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student there is an opportunity for you to get involved in what we call the New Student Band. This band is made up of students that are new to the school (freshman and transfers) who have a desire to be involved in Worship Ministries. The New Student Band acts seperately than the rest of musicians and interns as they stay together as a consistent band and rehearse every week through both semesters.



NSB Application... Click Here

Spiritual Reference Form... Click Here