Point Loma Nazarene University is known for being forward-thinking and for being committed to our students’ success.

Healthy organizations, like PLNU, review and assess both their strengths and what can be strengthened as part of their ongoing work. As part of PLNU’s commitment to maintaining academic excellence and long-term student success, the university has spent the last two years engaged in a comprehensive self-study. This deliberate, data-driven process involved the faculty and the staff. During the process, student interest in academic programs was considered along with factors such as career outcomes and financial viability. 

As a result of the study, PLNU is implementing a number of changes. Despite the restructuring, all current and admitted students will be able to complete their degrees with their current majors within a four-year timeframe. In addition, because the changes took into account upcoming faculty retirements and known departures, no full-time faculty personnel changes are necessary to implement these plans.

At PLNU, academics, faith, and community are all vital. Students benefit from this balanced approach to education and leave PLNU prepared to think, act, and contribute to the world. We are committed to continuing this important work, and the upcoming changes will help us to do just that. 

For detailed information about the self-study process and resulting changes, please review this summary document.

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