New Student Registration

New Student Advising and Registration

Welcome new students!

We are so glad that you are joining the PLNU Community.  PLNU is known for preparing students not only for graduation but also for life.  At PLNU, you will be surrounded by a Christian community interested in your holistic development. It’s a place where you can ask questions, discuss issues, challenge yourself, and grow spiritually, intellectually and socially. 

Whether you are interested in one of our more than 60 undergraduate areas of study or our graduate programs in education, nursing, business, theology, or biology, PLNU is a place where you will benefit from a Christian environment and caring faculty and staff.  We are excited that you selected PLNU to continue your education, and look forward to working with you throughout your academic career!  

Freshman Student Registration

The Academic Advising Office will work on your behalf to get you off to a great start with selecting courses for your academic program of study.  We use the information you provided such as: your academic major, personal profile, official high school transcripts, alternate credit sources (e.g., AP , CLEP, etc.), and faculty recommended program requirements for your major, to develop a purposeful course schedule.  Because your schedule is recommended by faculty you are positioned to begin your studies at PLNU with graduation as the goal. 

Transfer and Readmitted Student Registration

Registration for classes for new transfer and readmitted students is completed by the Records Office.  The Records Office uses the student's academic major, faculty recommended course selections, personal profile, and official final and in-progress college transcripts to develop a graduation focused class schedule.  

An online transfer student orientation and advising guide tutorial is available to help you understand advising, registration, and course selection processes. The tutorial and advising guide FAQs will also help you to get started using the tools for making graduation focused decisions at PLNU.  

Submission of official transcripts (final and in-progress transcripts) from previously attended colleges and universities will be a critical factor  towards the development of a course schedule that places you on track for graduation and minimizes the likelihood of duplication in previous courses of study on your schedule.  Make sure that official transcripts have been sent to PLNU even if you are currently enrolled in college course work.   

Records Office staff is available throughout the summer to provide assistance should you have questions about your major, course selections, or need to make adjustments. Please note that some majors have required sequences for graduation. It is strongly recommended that you seek consultation from the Records Office, Academic Advising, or Department Chair before making adjustments to your schedule. 

Mathematics Placement Testing

PLNU offers an online placement examination for incoming students. Information for testing is located on the (NSO) Online Mathematics Placement Exam.  Check your e-mail for notification of testing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do new students register for classes? 

New students must first complete and return all confirmation materials to the Admissions Office for processing. Students currently enrolled in college courses are strongly encouraged to send “final and in progress” transcripts to the Admissions Office. 

Once your confirmation materials are received, the Academic Advising Office begins the process of registering incoming freshmen by: reviewing your personal profile, final high school/college transcripts, **Advanced Placement (AP), SAT/ACT scores, and your selected major in order to develop your semester class schedule.  Upon receipt of official AP scores, the Records Office collaborates with Academic Advising to adjust class schedules based on qualifying scores, prior to the start of the semester. 

Students are responsible for sending official AP scores to the Records Office for evaluation. The Records Office registers transfer and readmitted students for classes.  Contact the Records Office for more information.

First-semester freshmen are usually registered for 15-17 units, based on academic major.  A goal-oriented schedule is usually comprised of general education course work and lower division academic major requirements whenever possible. 

New students are required to take the online mathematics placement examination prior to attending NSO. The Mathematics Department is available for assistance during the exam testing windows (weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST)), (619) 623-2378. Or contact the Academic Advising Office (619) 849-3333 for more information regarding math placement.  

How do I change my schedule or my major?

New student class schedules are developed by either the Academic Advising or Records Office based on faculty departmental recommendations for each major.   Because your classes are recommended by faculty, you will have the best schedule possible for achieving your educational goals. 

New students can address scheduling or academic major changes during New Student Orientation (NSO).  Be advised that not all classes are offered in multiple sections throughout the week, therefore it may not be possible to take classes only on specific days and times during the semester.

The Records Office and Advising Office is available to address your questions regarding class scheduling or major changes.  The Records Office is the official point of contact for declaring or changing your major, minor, or concentration.  

Whether you're a freshmen or transfer student, changes to your class schedule can also be made during the first week of classes using an add/drop form.   

Add/Drop Forms are available in the Academic Advising Office, Records Office, and during NSO. You must however attend all classes on your original schedule in order to avoid being dropped.  Always make sure that you have successfully "added" course work before dropping a course; and that you have reviewed the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.  New students are strongly advised to meet with department chairs or an academic advisor before making schedule changes to consider the impact on graduation goals and/or financial aid.

When can I use the online registration feature on the student portal?

The Academic Advising Office and Records Office will assist new students with course selection and registration only once during their academic career at PLNU.   As a continuing student in the fall (or spring) you will choose classes and participate in “Online Web Registration” via the student portal ( 

Online Web registration occurs mid-semester (fall and spring), and is preceded by three important activities:

  1. Department Chapel
  2. Advising Day Chapel
  3. Advising Week

Department and Advising Day Chapel are both excellent opportunities to:

  • interact with faculty and students in your academic major
  • learn more about the advising and registration process at PLNU
  • receive up-to-date information pertaining to your major, graduation requirements, career trends and grad school

Department Chapels occur at the beginning of the semester.  Advising Day Chapel occurs during mid-semester and always precedes Advising Week.  During Advising Week, faculty advisors are available to meet individually with students to review academic plans for the upcoming semester and target goals for graduation. Students must be "electronically cleared" by their advisor to participate in online registration. 

Students are assigned to begin registration on the portal.  Assignments are based on number of units completed therefore, seniors register first, followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. The online feature also allows you to continue to revise your schedule up to the end of the advising and registration period.   

Do I have to select an academic advisor? 

New students are assigned to a faculty advisor by the academic department of their chosen major.  The Academic Advising Office uses that information to update the portal with the name of your current advisor.  You can view this information online in the student portal using the "student biographical" feature, or you can contact the Academic Advising Office for assistance.

Is is okay to be undeclared for my first year?  

With more than 60 majors available at PLNU, it is not uncommon for new students to defer selecting a major. Undeclared students continue to work toward completion of General Education graduation requirements while developing a broad-based cultural background and essential skills for personal and professional growth.   

Undeclared students at PLNU are encouraged to explore a variety of General Education courses at the university during the freshman and sophomore year. However, an academic major must be selected by the end of the sophomore year. In addition to course work exploration, the Offices of Strengths and Vocation offers the Strong's Career Interest Inventory, StrengthsQuest Strength's Finder Assessment, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to assist students in selecting an academic major. 

When do most students select a major?   

That depends on the major you are considering. For example, if you are considering a major in one of the applied sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, math, or pre-nursing), it is recommended that you select your major upon entrance into the university, and begin to work toward completion of the program requirements the first semester that you attend PLNU.

Some majors should be decided upon as soon as possible, and the Academic Advising Office is here to help you decide. During your first semester, and anytime thereafter, you can make an appointment with the Director of Academic Advising to discuss a major that is consistent with your educational, career, and spiritual goals. It is also recommended that you make an appointment with the director of the Offices of Strengths and Vocation for career, strengths, and personality assessment.