Point Loma Nazarene University has four computer labs. All of the computers in the labs are connected to PLNU’s intranet and the internet. Each lab has a "teacher's" computer connected to a screen projector. The lab rental price includes one lab assistant during regular hours. If more assistants are needed or you request the lab to be open other than regular hours, the hourly charge for the lab assistants will apply.

Use of the computer labs must be approved by the Computer Lab Supervisor before the event can be scheduled. A list of all hardware, plug-ins, and software needed must be presented to the Computer Lab Supervisor eight weeks prior to the event. All hardware, plug-ins and installation software that is being provided by the group must be in the possession of the Computer Lab Supervisor 30 days prior to the conference start date to ensure proper installation and operation. The Guest Group Leader must provide proof of software licensing.

Failure to provide the necessary hardware, plug-ins and/or software in the time allowed may result in cancellation of the group’s contract and forfeiture of any contracted fees. If PLNU is not able to get the hardware, plug-ins and/or software to work on its system, the contract will be cancelled at no cost to the guest group.

All missing or damaged computer lab equipment or furniture, or damages to the facility will be charged to the guest group.

Usual Summer hours are:


8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday, Sunday

Bond Academic Center Computer Lab

Bond Lab -22 Pentium PC's with and a notebook docking station for use with screen projector

Ryan Learning Center Computer Labs

Main Lab -40 Pentium PC's
Hughes Lab -27 Pentium PC's and 2 PCs with HP Scanners
Mac Lab -24 G5 Macs and one with a Umax Scanner
Language Lab -36 Pentium PC's with headphones
Bresee Lab -27 Pentium PC's