A final invoice will be sent to you shortly after the end of your conference.  You will have 15 business days from the last day of your event in which to make your final payment.


By signing the Agreement, the Guest Group agrees to reimburse the University for all reasonable collection costs, including professional fees and other expenses incurred in collecting fees and charges, whether or not an legal action is taken should the need arise.  In the event legal action is taken to enforce any portion of any Agreement, including but not limited to the collection of fees and charges PLNU will be entitled to costs and attorney fees, including trials and appeals.



Lost items that are found will be sent to the Conference Services Office and every effort will be made to return the items if ownership can be determined.  If items must be mailed or shipped, the Guest Group will be responsible for any shipping costs.  Lost and found items will be held for 60 days.  After that date, all items will be donated to a non-profit charity.