Contract (W)

Once you have determined that you would like to use PLNU’s facilities for your event, please contact the Conference Services Office.  A Conference Services representative will discuss your facility needs and prepare a Contract Summary.  The Summary will itemize the minimum fees for lodging, facilities, and/or meals for which you will be responsible.

Once Conference Services has confirmed that PLNU can meet your group’s needs, the Contract Summary will be forwarded to you along with a Facilities and Services Agreement.  The Agreement will serve as a legally binding agreement between you/your organization and PLNU stating your contracted minimums.

By signing the Agreement, you will be agreeing to pay the minimum contracted amount plus any additional amounts that may become due because of increased attendance or because of the use of additional facilities, equipment, etc.  Because of this, you should be as realistic as possible when contracting the minimums for your event.

Reductions to the contracted minimum amount and/or cancellations are possible only if PLNU is able to arrange a replacement group generating comparable income for the selected dates and facilities.

If the group chooses not to utilize any or all contracted facilities or lodging, and/or chooses not to eat a contracted meal after the group’s arrival, there will be no reduction of fees below the agreed upon minimum.

PLNU will be agreeing to provide the minimum contracted facilities and services plus it will summarize the maximum number of meals and/or residence hall rooms that PLNU will set aside for your group perchance you exceed your minimums.  If, for any reason, Point Loma Nazarene University is required to make a facility change after the signed Facilities and Services Agreement has been received, the Guest Group will pay the lesser amount between the contracted services or equipment, reimbursement may be negotiated.

You will have ten business days to sign and return the Agreement to the Conference Services Office with the required deposit or your requested dates will be released.

Deposits & Payments (W)

An initial deposit is due at the time the Facilities and Services Agreement is returned to the Conference Services Office.  The initial deposit shall be 40% of the contracted minimum for Guest Groups. 

Full payment of the balance of the contracted minimum is required 60 days before arrival as per the terms listed below.  Access to PLNU facilities will not be granted until payment is received.  Groups may make payment prior to scheduled dates. 

·         100% of contract due 60 days prior to arrival, including all additional fees resulting from increased attendance.

·         Interest charges may be assessed from the due date on any unpaid balance.

Contract Additions (W)

The Guest Group Leader may request equipment by submitting an Equipment Request Form.  Additional lodging, meals, meeting space, etc., may also be requested on the form.  Since the availability of facilities and certain equipment may be limited, you should complete the request form and return it to the Conference Services Office as soon as you know your group’s needs, but no later than 30 days before your event.


“Organization” shall obtain, maintain, and provide evidence of general liability insurance in amounts of at least $1 million per occurrence, $2 million Annual Aggregate.  “Organization” shall provide Point Loma Nazarene University [Office of Conference Services] with documentation of “Organization’s” applicable insurance policies [number of days] business days prior to the event.  In addition, Point Loma Nazarene University is to be named as an Additional Insured under such policy.  The “Organization” shall also provide evidence of statutory worker’s compensation insurance and automobile bodily injury and property damage coverage of no less than $1 million CSL (Combined Single Limit).  A General Liability and Workers Compensation Waiver of Subrogation shall be provided in favor of Point Loma Nazarene University.