Arrival Time (W)

Your arrival time will be worked out with PLNU’s Conference Services staff and will be noted on the Facilities and Services Agreement.  The arrival and departure times will be determined based upon the type of event being conducted.

For groups using campus lodging, please note that if your arrival time is scheduled prior to 2:00 p.m., your guests will not be able to check into their rooms until after 2:00 p.m. due to cleaning schedules.  For security reasons, guests are not allowed to arrive after 10:00 p.m. unless previous arrangements have been made.

Check-In (W)

Unless other arrangements have been made, the Guest Group Leader should proceed to the Conference Services Office upon arrival to discuss any required payments.

A Conference Services staff member will then direct the Guest Group Leader to the location for individual check-in.  The Guest Group Leader will assist the Conference Services staff with checking in their individual group members and distributing keys and meal cards.  Depending on the time of day, guests arriving during the event will be directed to the assigned registration areas or to the Guest Group Leader’s residence hall room (if applicable). 

It is highly recommended that the Guest Group Leader arrive earlier than the group to make the necessary arrangements and set-up their registration area.  Since no buildings will be opened until the Leader has officially checked in, arriving early will ensure that the group’s guests will not be detained in their personal check-in.  The Leader may post directional signs for their guests provided that they are removed at the end of the group’s stay.  All signage must be approved by the Conference Services Office.  Any unapproved signage is subject to immediate removal.

Personal Conduct (W)

Guest Group Leaders should do nothing by word or act, or allow any of their guests to do likewise, anything that will detract from the mission of PLNU.  All individuals will abide by California law, federal law, and University regulations regarding public behavior, sanitation, fire hazards, and conservation of natural resources.

In addition, the Guest Group Leader should convey to their guests that the following activities are strictly prohibited on campus:

·         The possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or controlled substances;

·         Public dancing;

·         Possession of firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, and/or highly flammable materials;

·         Use of candles, matches, or any type of open flame within buildings;

·         Profanity and/or excessive noise;

·         Gambling;

·         Food fights;

·         Skateboarding

Failure to abide by these rules of personal conduct may result in warning and/or expulsion from PLNU property.

Parking (W)

Parking permits are required and are provided for your full-time guests at no charge.  Guest Group Leaders must contact the Conference Services Office with the amount of parking passes needed, which will be left in the Welcome Center for guests to obtain upon arrival.  Temporary permits may be obtained at the Welcome Center for day-only guests.  Guest cars may be parked in any parking space provided that it is not designated for other use (typically designated by orange, green, or blue lines).  Vehicles may not park in the service or fire lanes.  Illegally parked vehicles may be cited or towed with the Guest Group Leader responsible for payment of any fines or fees.

Parking locations for buses must be deemed acceptable by campus Public Safety.  There is no RV parking on campus. 

Wake Up Calls

PLNU Conference Services does not provide wake up calls.  Campers should bring an alarm.  Out of respect for other PLNU guests, staff, and students who may be on a different schedule, please refrain from any public wakeup calls of your own design. 

Copies & Faxes

The Guest Group Leader and/or the designated representative(s) will have access to fax and copy services located in PLNU’s Reprographic Center between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Prices vary based upon volume and payment must be made at the time services are rendered.  If your group will need to utilize the Copy Center, a list of designated staff should be presented to the Conference Services Office upon arrival at PLNU.


Incoming mail will be delivered to your Guest Group Leader as soon as is practical upon receipt from the Postal Service.  Outgoing mail can be deposited at the campus Post Office.  The campus Post Office is full-service and can handle most of your group’s mailing needs weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Addressing Mail For Participants

Please instruct persons sending mail to put attention to the name of your organization on the envelope so that when mail arrives, they can be easily located

The address should read:

Point Loma Nazarene University

Conference Services

Attn: (Your Organization Name)

3900 Lomaland Dr.

San Diego, CA 92106


Check-Out (W)


A group check-out time will be noted on the Facilities and Services Agreement.  The Guest Group Leader along with a Conference Services representative must complete a full walk-through of all lodging facilities to account for residence hall damage left by the Guest Group.  Please note that all guests and their personal items must be out of all lodging facilities BEFORE the walk-through.  The Guest Group Leader should schedule all activities so as to allow for all members of the group to be off PLNU property by the scheduled time. 


Additionally, guests using residence hall facilities are to vacate these quarters no later than 10:00 a.m.  Rooms must be left clean with trash deposited in the proper receptacles.  Any linens used by the Guest Group can be left in the guest’s residence hall room


PLNU will not be held responsible for any personal items left in any rooms after check-out time.  Any personal articles left in residence hall rooms or other facilities after the appropriate check-out times will be moved to the Conference Services Office.


As the event/conference draws to a conclusion, but before leaving the property, the Guest Group Leader should contact the Conference Services Office to discuss any final billing information including additional charges, fees for lost keys, damage, etc. Failure to do so will result in an implied agreement on the part of the Guest Group Leader to pay any final invoice issued by PLNU.