Venues and Pricing

There are several campus locations available for wedding ceremonies including The Greek Amphitheater, McCullough Park, and Ryan Plaza Deck. Other locations may be available by request. PLNU Conference Services offers all venues for use of wedding ceremonies only, no receptions. To inquire about use of the Alumni Lawn, please call 1-800-478-5662.

PLNU provides special venue rates for alumni, students, faculty and staff.  Individuals who do not meet this criteria may hold a wedding ceremony on campus but may not book any sooner than FOUR months prior to the event date.

Wedding pricing includes EIGHT hours of facility use on the day of the wedding and TWO hours for a rehearsal day. Also included are restrooms and two rooms for bridal party preparation on the day of the wedding.  For current pricing, please see the Wedding Guide below or contact the Conference Services office.


Although PLNU does not provide wedding planning or coordination services,  a Conference Services liaison will assist you with facility use during the event. It is recommended you designate one individual from the wedding party as your event representative. This person will channel requests through the Conference Services  liaison, make sure that all wedding decorations are removed after the event, and settle any matters in accordance with the check-out procedures noted in the Guest Group Handbook.


Per a contractual agreement and certain state health laws, no outside caterer is allowed on campus nor is any group allowed to bring prepared foods onto the campus. If you desire to provide beverages or snacks for your ceremony, please contact Catering Services at (619) 849-2454 for menu and pricing options.

Media Services

If your event requires any specialized sound or media equipment, or if you want to know the types of sound systems that can be accommodated, please contact Media Services at (619) 849-2264 for information and a price estimate.

Equipment Rentals

Conference Services has chairs and tables available for rent, which are listed in the Wedding Rate Guide.  If you choose to rent or purchase special furnishings and/or equipment from a local party rental service, all arrangements must be made directly with the party rental supplier. As you plan your decorating needs, please keep in mind PLNU cannot be held responsible for safekeeping of items rented from outside vendors.

Weather Contingencies and Disturbances

Every effort will be made to ensure your wedding venue is clean and ready prior to your arrival. If you are planning an outside event, however, please remember your venue is at the mercy of the elements. Unforeseen weather conditions may not preclude you from conducting your event, but they may prevent the PLNU staff from having the area totally free of blown-in debris. It is also recommended that you make a facility contingency plan with PLNU or another facility in case there is undesirable weather the day of your event.

Keep in mind that, because of the multiple year-round events occurring at PLNU and the campus’ proximity to public property, no guarantees can be made to ensure a “noise-free” event.


A signed Contract Summary, signed Facilities and Services Agreement, and deposit must be received before any reservation can be confirmed.