Information Technology Services


Information Technology Services will use technology to

  • Protect the university's information resources
  • Facilitate the dissemination of information to university constituents
  • Enhance the educational experience of our students
  • Expand the instructional experience of our faculty
  • Provide effective and progressive tools to support the administrative functions of the university
  • Improve the image of the institution to the public as well as our own constituents

We will achieve these services by the implementation, creation, and utilization of advanced technological methods while supporting and maintaining the campus IT infrastructure.

Vision: Anytime and Anywhere Learning

The ITS vision and road map for the next year or two is to enable anytime and anywhere learning. 

  • Information, media artifacts, and necessary software can be made available for our students anywhere on campus and beyond.
  • Traveling students and deployed students can participate and view their classes when they are not able to physically attend.
  • Experts from all over the world can be brought into our classes with minimal effort.
  • Collaborative and project-oriented learning can be facilitated outside the classroom.
  • Administrative functions will be more automated, online, and digitized.

Each of our sections is working hard to apply this vision to their individual projects. Some of these projects will include the following:

  • Video conference classrooms and various lecture capture technologies
  • Media server
  • New portal with smartphone compatibility implementation
  • Wireless phone and wi-fi availability
  • Virtual Desktop Interfaces
  • TILE and other joint CTL and ITS faculty development initiatives

Technology Training

Training is available for all PLNU employees on a variety of subjects.

Take a look at our training resources, including How-To's, in-person training sessions, training calendar, and more!

Media Services

Professional audio/visual presentation, sound reinforcement, editing capabilities, duplication center, and audio recording services are available to the PLNU community.

For more information about services, call (619) 849-2264 or extension 2264.

Media Services Website

Help Desk

Technology assistance is available to all PLNU students and employees from one central location.

Contact the Help Desk by emailing, calling (619) 849-2222, or dialing extension 2222.

Computer Labs

Multiple computer labs are available for the PLNU community at the undergraduate campus in Point Loma as well as each of the graduate regional centers.