Brown Chapel
Room Seating Capacity: 1,757
Room Type: Performance Hall

Capabilities of this room:

  • Automatic Roll Projection Screens
  • Full Lighting (request to move lights require 2 weeks notice)
  • MediaLink controls
  • Full Sound System with digital sound console and patching
  • 1 Stage VGA connection
  • DVD & VHS player
  • VGA laptop hookup and installed PC in Booth
  • Network jack
  • Staff Wireless Networking (no public Wi-Fi)


  • 5 MAIN SPEAKERS- Renkus-Heinz SR-716 centered in ceiling in upper catwalk; 800 watts/8 ohm
  • 5 Down FILL SPEAKERS- Renkus-Heinz TRC-81/9H0; mounted below mains; 200 watts/8 ohm
  • 5 DELAY SPEAKERS- Renkus-Heinz-TRX-121/9W; 500w/8ohm
  • 1 DIGITAL SOUND BOARD- Yamaha M7CL-48 Channel
  • 6 Powered Stage Monitor Mixes
  • 2 SUBS-Renkus-Heinz DRS18-2R (dual 18" powered)
  • 8 MONITORS- Renkus-Heinz-TRX-121/9W; 500w/8ohm
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a mono system


  • Control located in the upstairs booth at rear of hall 1 Express ETC 24/48 CPU lighting board with preset controls dictated by PLNU Director of Theatre
  • 48 sub-masters, and 200 programmable cues
  • 60 lighting channels


  • CONTROLLED FROM MULTIPLE LOCATIONS -control booth, sound board, backstage, and remotely


  • Located in the upstairs control booth at rear of hall.
  • PC COMPUTER- Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office XP, MediaShout. Dual screen output
  • 2 Epson Power Lite Pro Z8050W NL Projectors - 7000 lumens. They are ceiling mounted above the stage. These are permanent fixtures and not moveable. They are big and bright enough for use with stage lights.
  • 1 MEDIA LINK CONTROLLER- Extron MLC 226 IP (w/ VCR/DVD; Blank Screen; PC; Portable PC inputs)
  • 1 DVD/VHS Player
  • 2 PROJECTION SCREENS- Draper 10 x 10

Minimum one week notice required—PLNU electrician must supervise

  • 2 120 VOLT CIRCUITS- in the rotating stage
  • 2 120 VOLT 20 AMP CIRCUITS- on floor in front of stage
  • 2 208 VOLT 200 3-PHASE 4-WIRE Y-CONNECTED FUSED DISCONNECTS- Bare ends needed to connect. 60 feet from center of stage.





Contact: Email Media to report problems with gear, please NOTE ROOM NUMBER and BE SPECIFIC.
Email Help Desk to report problems that are computer-related.
Visit the Media Services Link for questions about policy, reserving additional gear, or to schedule training.
Use the Master Calendar to reserve this room or check on its availability.