Guide to Faculty Media Acquisitions

The budget for media acquisitions is apportioned to academic departments to be spent with the authorization of the department chair or a designee. This budget exists to build the PLNU’s media holdings across all academic disciplines.


The Manager of Media Services administers this budget.
Requests may be made by campus mail.


Photocopy the catalog order form page and pages with requested titles circled. Please check with your department chair before submitting the request.
Requests may also be submitted by e-mail.


Include as much pertinent information as possible. Please check with your department chair before submitting the request.

Materials may be purchased personally for cash reimbursement.


If necessary, purchase items on your own and submit the receipt to Media Services. We will add the materials to the collection and reimburse you. Note that reimbursements may not be available if the collection already holds a copy of the item or if your department is out of media purchasing funds for the budget year.

Most vendors no longer allow for preview to purchase.


Some have limited online preview. Typically we purchase all items initially and catalog them. Notify us if you would like to preview items before cataloging. Then if the titles are to be returned they are processed as a return/refund rather than a preview.


Items purchased with the media acquisitions budget must be housed permanently in the PLNU media collection for the academic benefit of the entire university community.

Any faculty member may request a statement listing all media items which have been purchased for their department in current or recent budget years.