Media Service Copyright Statement

  • Media Services cannot duplicate, change the format of, or house media duplicated by a professor without prior permission from the copyright holder, or a release statement signed by the professor stating that he/she has full authority to duplicate the material.
  • Under fair use practices, Media Services will be able to duplicate a small portion of a recording to be used for research, study, or as background music for a media production to be shown in the classroom. Charge for admission or any copies made are not allowed.
  • Media Services will duplicate only those items that are not copyrighted.
  • Media Services will provide duplication services for campus functions (Chapel, recitals, plays). If requested by a guest speaker or performing group, Media Services will not duplicate that particular performance.
  • Upon request of the professor, we will videotape off-air programs. We will retain these programs for 40 days and then erase.