Video Usage Policies

Video equipment and personnel may be requested by telephone, e-mail or in person.

Please note that equipment availability is limited. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis - early requests will prevent disappointment. If you are unable to use services that you have scheduled, early cancellation is appreciated.

The following policy applies for classroom use, recitals, and other on-campus events requiring video taping. Academic uses take precedence. No gear is allowed to be used or taken off-campus.

Free Use (no cost)

  • Patrons can always checkout a video camera and tripod at no charge.
  • For anyone who requests videotaping late, they can always check-out a camera from our office (themselves) and set it up themselves.


Paid Use ($100)

  • 1 week noticed is required for all videotaping requests.
  • Pre-payment 1 week before is required on all requests (that are not department charged)
  • Until payment is received, no tech is hired, no guarantee is made
  • Media Services will furnish a receipt for each payment received, Media Services will keep a record.
  • A separate technician is hired to run the camera.
  • The technician will hookup the camera to the recording mics (sound board output) and set the camera on a tripod outside the sound booth (if the venue is Crill Hall)
  • The technician will be instructed to film everyone on-stage who is contributing to the event (no close-ups and no lock-down wide shots) unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • The miniDV tape will be transfer to DVD and when done, the patron will be alerted that their product is finished.
  • The Patron will be given both the copied DVD & the original source miniDV tape(s).
  • Media Services will not keep original footage.
  • Additional copies will be charged at the standard rate.