Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take videos back to my dorm room?

All media materials must be used in Media Services, Ryan Learning Center. We maintain extensive hours to accommodate your needs.

How can I use a video in my class?

You may request any videos, recordings or media equipment to be delivered to classrooms for presentations. Leave the items in the room and our staff will pick them up.

Can students request equipment?
Yes. Students may place orders for equipment to be used in any official PLNU function.


Can I borrow a video camera or projector for personal use?
We have a price list for personal rentals and equipment is for on-campus use only.


Can you help me edit a video for class?
We have 2 Mac Pros loaded with Final Cut Studio and the Adobe Creative Suite. ILife is also available. These computers are designed specfically to help you edit your videos. These computers are available to students first-come first-served, however if you need to schedule times to use these computers, you can reserve the computer for the times you need in advance. If you require assistance, schedule it in advance with our staff and we’ll be happy to help.


Will you provide equipment for my ASB/Club sponsored event?
Remember to give us a minimum of 1 week notice to guarantee staff support. Check with the ASB Finance, your club president and/or advisor to ensure your club budget will accommodate the hourly charge for the mandatory technician.


Do you record chapel?
Yes. Most chapels are available on CD going back to the 1960’s.


How do I obtain equipment for a class?
If your classroom does not already have the equipment you need, you can reserve it from Media Services using our online form. Equipment is delivered directly to the classroom and picked up after. Please reserve at least 24 hours in advance.


Why do you need 24 hours advance notice?
We make dozens of deliveries each day, so our schedules must be developed in advance to ensure availability and coordinate labor.


Can I request one piece of equipment for the entire semester?
Not usually, as we do not have enough equipment to take one piece out of our mobile pool for the whole semester. If you need certain equipment all of the time, we recommend that you consult the Registrar about moving your class to a permanently equipped room.


When and where can I get instruction on how to operate available equipment?
Media Services has technicians who will be glad to help you with one-on-one training. They can meet you in your classroom or at our offices in the 3rd floor of the Ryan Learning Center.


What number should I call if I need assistance?
Our office number is 619-849-2264, or just 2264 for on-campus phones. Our knowledgable staff can assist you.

I would like to video record a class, can you help?
We have several miniDV camcorders to be checked out. Please come in to our office to do so. We do not deliver camcorders for security reasons. We sell miniDV tapes for $6 for 60 minutes.