Change of Name and/or Address
For students who need to update their name or their address.  Documentation is required.

Change of Program (Graduate & Professional Studies)

For post-baccalaureate students who need to change or update their degree program.

Change of Program/Major/Minor (Undergraduate)

This is an electronic form accessed by logging into your PLNU Student Portal and navigating to the Records section.

Change of Schedule - Athletes
Athletes must use this specific form to add or drop a course from their schedule or to declare a course pass/no credit. 

Change of Schedule - Military
Students receiving military benefits must use this specific form to add or drop a course from their schedule or to declare a course pass/no credit

Change of Schedule
For students who need to add or drop courses after Web Registration has closed. Instructor's signature is required to add a course. Please return this form to Records Office. 

Degree Candidacy Application (Graduate & Professional Studies)
The form needed for Graduate and Professional Studies students to officially apply for a degree at PLNU and to participate in graduation. 

 Diploma Mailing Request
For students who have graduated and need to request that their Official Diploma be mailed.
(To receive a facsimile of your original, please follow instructions to request a Replica Diploma)

Grad Check Application (Undergraduates Only)
To access this form, please login to your PLNU Student Portal and navigate to the Records section.

Leave of Absence (Graduate Program)
Required for graduate students who want to take only one semester off from a graduate program.

Student Verification
For students who need official verification of GPA, proof of enrollment, or other academic records from PLNU.

Transfer Student Exceptions & Policies Signature Sheet 
Required of all transfer students entering PLNU for the first time.

Transcript Requests
For students who need official or unofficial transcripts.

Withdraw from Undergraduate Program
Required for undergraduate students who will not be attending PLNU for at least one semester or who do not plan to return.

Withdraw from Graduate & Professional Studies Program
Required for graduate and professional studies students who want to withdraw from a program.

 Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open some of the documents above.