Cheryl Gaughan

  • Director of Records
  • Phone: (619) 849-2499


What did you study in college?
Sociology (Criminology)     B.A.

Forensic Science     M.S.F.S.

What's one word or phrase that describes you?

Which memorable groups or activities were you a part of while in college?
Juvenile Probation volunteer

What advice would you give to an incoming PLNU student?
1. READ THE "A" GAME by Dr. Kenneth Sufka. It's an easy read and will really help with the academic transition from high school to university level courses.

2. READ THE ACADEMIC POLICIES IN THE CATALOG!!! The catalog gives you the accurate information you need, and if you have questions, email or stop by. Get the CORRECT information.

3. Enjoy university life and get involved in your school! Your experience will be greater and more rewarding!!